What is Speech and Language Pathology

Olivia Anderson, MS CCC-SLP
When I tell people I’m a speech language pathologist, I often hear “oh, so you help kids say their /r/’s right?”

Well, yes, that is one very tiny part of my job. The field of speech language pathology is so broad, and chances are you know someone who at some point in their life had speech therapy. Speech therapists work with all ages and work in many different settings including schools, private clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Specifically, as a pediatric SLP, we aim to improve communication challenges that negatively impact a child’s ability to communicate their wants and needs across various settings.

SunnyDays Therapy is a pediatric clinic that aims to help infants through young adults. While yes, we do work on speech sounds like /r/, we also do so much more! Every day we work with our clients on receptive and expressive language, feeding, social skills, play skills, literacy, and fluency. When parents, caregivers or other providers come to us with concerns, we take the time to look at the bigger picture. We complete comprehensive evaluations that often look at language skills as a whole to best determine how we can help your child. We put on our detective hats, while we complete parent interviews, developmental/medical history references and standardized assessments. Then, we analyze our entire interaction with the child so that we can create a therapy plan that is tailored to their individual needs. So what does a session with a speech therapist look like? It looks like play! It's our job to keep therapy fun so we often fill our sessions with toys, books, crafts, songs, and activities that allow us to model language and practice our goals without kids really knowing that they are working. This is one of our many superpowers!"

If you are unsure if speech therapy is right for your child, give us a call us at 952-223-2506.