Welcome one and all to the SunnyDays Blog.

SunnyDays was created to provide Speech and Occupational therapy to help infants to young adults achieve milestones, independence, and confidence in all areas of their life. SunnyDays Therapy has offices in Minnetonka, Albertville, and Waconia, Minnesota. We understand that you may not live close to these areas, so we wanted to create a blog to share fun activities and educate families, teachers, healthcare professionals, and many others who work with kids.

Throughout an occupational or speech therapy session, a child participates in many activities to target various areas of development. These activities are engaging and fun for the child to complete. This blog will provide you with activities that you and your child can do in the home setting. There will also be posts about various topics related to occupational and speech therapy to educate and inform you.

Have fun completing these activities, learn lots, and create memories!

- SunnyDays Therapy Team

Disclaimer: Although the writers of these posts and creators of the activities are registered and licensed occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists, this blog is not to replace in-person treatment sessions or therapeutic recommendations or interventions. The ideas posted are informational and intended to be completed with close adult supervision. If you have questions or concerns about the development of your child, please seek the advice of your pediatrician, pediatric therapy specialist, or give us a call at 952-223-2506. The ideas posted here, have come from our therapist’s own creativity. However, at a time when lots of other creative minds post their ideas online, we do our best to give credit and acknowledgement to content that is not ours. In some posts, we recommend toys, products, and services. If you purchase any of these, we are not liable or responsible for your satisfaction, damages, or injuries that result.